'AEVO' is a collaborative fictional biography, imagining a younger future.

Social fears and anxieties hold strong authority over human activity, creating aspects of pressure within our everyday routine. One of the most inescapable anxieties is the process of ageing; civilisation has thus created a set of procedures to try and prolong this experience. We began to envision a dystopian environment in which the fear of looking old had become central, using new technology to combat it at an early stage in an individual's life. A self-obsessed generation preserving their youth.

This evolved in ‘Aevo', a company who's name refers to a state of eternity which has taken the opportunity to profit off the social desire to look younger - pushing it to the extreme of holding the body in a particular state using a 'Retainer' that restricts wrinkles and ageing of the face. The Aevo Retainer promises the preservation of youth - preserving people in their most 'socially' attractive state forever. A state of temporary immortality.


Guillermo Cárdenas

Guoda Sulskyte